Topics in China Cross-Border Development

Module 3, 2012-13 Course Syllabus

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2013 May 3 20:45: Individual project scores and course final grades are posted...great job on the projects and the overall course folks!!!

2013 May 3 14:00: Extra credit scores are available: VERY IMPRESSIVE WORK FOLKS--lots of energy put into this! Also, for those students whom were lucky to have a reviewer who reviewed your project, those student commetns are available for your feedback; sorry if you not have been reviewed by another. Not all students participated in the extra-credit opportunity. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THEIR COMMENTS:  See [HERE] for the student-based feedback on your individual project.

2013 April 30 12:00: Grading of the Indiv projects, extra-credit and final course grades will occur ASAP.  Lots to do here at my end and I want to make sure all is right.  I realize that you need to register for module 4 now.  I would say that you know in your own mind, whther you passed this course or not since you know more about your porject than I at thins moment.  At first blush, what I have seen is very impressive!  You folks certainly demonstrated clear improvement from the start of this module, which is what we are all here for!  Anyway, I will make notice on this web page when grades are avaliable....please hang tight in the mean time :-)

2013 April 28 13:30: The individual report assignment files for every student are now available for your extraCredit excercise.  See the extra credit instructions for the location of the individual assignments for your extra-credit activity.  Be sure to only review the student report assigned to you.

2013 April 28 08:45: The extra-credit assignments have been made; see your web-site student desktop for your assigned report -- see "reviewXtraCredit"

2013 April 26 11:30: Correction to Individual project:  5 hard copies are NOT being requested as was previously listed on the website below, instead provide 1 COLOR hardcopy, if you have color figures in your report; B&W is fine if no color images.

2013 April 25 10:00: Be sure to place the hardcopy of your Individual Project into my mailbox (In Bldg C) by 8:00am Monday morning.

2013 April 22 10:00: On Thursday (25 Apr), there will be no spare time to fiddle with the PPT files on Thursday, so be sure to load your PPT file onto the classroom PC before 8:05am.

2013 April 18 14:00: Special extra-class meeting on Monday(21 Apr) 12:00; we are hosting a speaker from Dezan Shira on HK and SG holding companies....

2013 April 15 11:30: I have blocked out special office hours on WEDNESDAY (17 Apr) 8:00-am-10:00am where I will be in my office and students are invited to come by to talk Proj #3, or indivi projects.  I may be in and out during this time to go to printer, etc, so if not at office just wait for a couple of minutes and I will be back.  BRING YOUR QUESTIONS & IDEAS to chat!!!

2013 April 14 15:00: Project #2 grades have been posted and feedback scans have been uploaded. Do take a look at both you group's and others' reports; learn from your feedback and others'.  Bring questions to class on Monday!

2013 April 10 20:00:  Speaker of interest to class students has been scheduled for Monday 22 April 12:00, C125.  More information below. This is an optional class meeting.

2013 April 8 20:15:  **** CHANGE OF CLASS MEETING TIME AND LOCATION FOR THIS WEDNESDAY:   3:30-4:45 in C105 (we are merging with the Alternative Investements Class for that session.

2013 April 8 14:00:  Project #3 group member assignments are available below.

2013 April 8 13:15:  China under-the-radar expansion to dominate global marketplace... Read this [HERE].

2013 April 8 10:05:  Raw project #2 documents have been uploaded to the groupProjectsCompleted folder. Take some time to look to see what other groups did!

2013 April 7 17:00:  Project #3 description has been posted online; see below.  Group membership to be determined by Tuesday 9 April.

2013 April 3 20:30:  The April 10 speaker time has changed from starting at 2:00 to starting at 3:00 due to a change in the speaker's business schedule.

2013 March 31 16:15:  The scanned copies of Project #1 with professor comments have been uploaded; you can see them in the Enrolled Students Only area. It would be a great idea for you to look at the project for not only your own group, but look at the others too....learn from others' mistakes and ideas not only your own!

2013 March 29 17:00:  The course INDIVIDUAL PROJECT description is now available.  See the link below the calendar on this web page. Will discuss in class on 1 Apr.

2013 March 29 13:00:  The OECD just published the 2013 Economic Survey for China.  See [HERE]. Check it out!

2013 March 26 08:00:  WTO Speech: China should be more active in global economic governance.  See [HERE]

2013 March 25 16:00:  Fresh News: Xi in Africa... Please read this [HERE] and [HERE] and exlpore [HERE] give 15 minutes thought to what it may mean to you after you might you be affected and perhaps your business benefit???  Recognize any of the terms in this article?

2013 March 25 15:45:  Project #2 specification is now available.  See the link at the bottom of this page in the Project #2 section.

2013 March 21 17:00:  The Thurs 28 Mar speaker time has CHANGED to 5:30pm!!!!

2013 March 18 17:10:  Projects are due next Monday (25 March); the deadline penalties are severe, and real!

Course Design Principle
The delivery of the course is based on the priciples of "active learning."



Class Meeting Date


Unit / Orientation Topic(s) Pre-class Preparation
1 M 25 Feb 8:00am-9:50am C105 Introduction to Course syllbus etc --none--
2 H 28 Feb 8:00am-9:50am C105    

Read Deloitte Oubound M&A report [PDF]

Read BorderPolicy (US-Canada) Survey Rpt [PDF]

3 M 4 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C105 BE SURE TO ALSO READ THE TWO ARTICLES ASSIGNED FOR the 28 Feb class meeting   Read CNN Sino-Africa interview [HTML]
4 W 6 Mar 2:00pm-3:25pm C125 **WEDNESDAY** GUEST SPEAKER (class held until 3;25 only today!!!)   SPEAKER INFO [HERE]   X-Culture

  Online Setup

Deloitte Webinar Thu 7 Mar 17:00HKT [HERE] China outbouand into Africa

5 M 11 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C104  Different Rules / Identifying the Rules    Be prepared to in-class discuss the three publications (above), the Deloitte webinar, and Gordon's presentation
6 H 14 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C104  X-Border Risk / Rewards  

Listen to Deloitte Webinar REPLAY  [HERE] Chinese Investments into Brazil: The Road Ahead

Read Cross-Border M&A [PDF (1.8Mb)]

7 M 18 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C104  Regional Trading Blocs & Special Economic Zones    Work on Project #1
8 H 21 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C104  World Trade Organization; China 2001    Work on Project #1
9 M 25 Mar 8:00am-9:50am C104 Trading across borders; Cooperatives    Group Project #1 Due: 7:55 am
10A H 28 Mar 9:00am-9:50am C104  Transfer Pricing; Customs Procedures    Read Tax Due Diligence [PDF(2 Mb)]
10B H 28 Mar 5:30 pm-6:45 pm C125  GUEST SPEAKER: Ernst & Young [DETAILS]  Transfer Pricing & Customs  
11 M 1 Apr 8:00am-9:50am C104 Discuss E&Y visit; Proj #1; Proj #2; Individual Project    We will use some class time for project #2 team meeting.
12 W 3 Apr 2:00pm-3:30pm C125 GUEST SPEAKER: Deloitte [DETAILS]  China M&A
13 M 8 Apr 8:00am-9:50am C104 Proj 2 review; X-Border agreements between Mainland and: Hong Kong; Macau; Tawain     Group Project #2 Due: 7:55 am
14 W 10 Apr 3:30pm-4:45pm Room C105 GUEST SPEAKER: M&A Lawyer, Partner from King & Wood Mallesons [DETAILS] Outbound M&A We will merge with the Alternative Investments class for this session.
15 M 15 Apr 8:00am-9:50am C104  Project #3 group break-outs.    
16 W 17 Apr  3:00pm-4:30pm C125 GUEST SPEAKER: Anthony Desir, SAMI African Mineral Solutions [DETAILS]  Sino-Africa M&A  
17 M 22 Apr 8:00am-9:50am C104 Project #3 group break-outs.  
Extra M 22 Apr  12:00pm-1:30pm Room C125 GUEST SPEAKER: Dezan Shira Consultants [DETAILS] Overview of Hong Kong and Singapore Holding Companies  
18 H 25 Apr  8:00am-9:50am C104 Five Group #3 Presentations (15 or 20 minutes, no Q&A) 8:10(#1 15); 8:25(#4 20); 8:45(#2 15); 9:05(#5 20); 9:25(#3: 15)  

Group Project #3 and PPT slides Due 7:55 am

FINAL RPT Sat 27 Apr      

Submit Individual Project Electronically by 23:59

Hardcopy Due: Monday 08:00 29 April

Individual Project Due: Saturday 23:59 27 April  [PROJECT DESCRIPTION]    Submit via website & 1 COLOR (if have color images) hardcopy to professor.  Porject value is 50% of course grade.

EXTRA CREDIT: Due 23:59 Tuesday, 30 April (Note: Is after end of the module)  [EXTRA-CREDIT DESCRIPTION]    Up to 5 extra-credit course-points possible. Submit via course website.

Group Project #1 Due:  Monday 7:55 am, 25 March 2013 [PROJECT DESCRIPTION]   Email pdf to professor, plus 5 color hardcopies.  10% of course grade.

PROJECT #1 Group Membership Assignment

Group Student Names
1 Andy; Beryl; Cathy(00); Cathy(37); Chengying Shan; Andreas (new)
2 Chloe; Daniel Mao; Della; Indira Papysheva; Jenny Lee
3 Jessica; Kevin; Luke; Marko Katrancek; Neva; He (MBA; new)
4 Queenie; Renata Shaykhutdinova; Sophie; Stella; Victor Osei

PROJECT #1 Country Assignments

1 Indonesia Angola Argentina
2 Vietnam Ivory Coast Denmark
3 Philippines Dem. Rep. Congo Kazakhstan
4 Malaysia Tanzania UAE

Group Project #2 Due:  Monday 7:55 am, 8 April 2013  [PROJECT DESCRIPTION]    Email pdf to professor, plus 5 B&W hardcopies.  10% of course grade.

PROJECT #2 Group Membership Assignment

Group Student Names
1 Andy; Chloe; Jessica; Queenie; Andreas
2 Beryl; Daniel Mao; Kevin; Renata Shaykhutdinova
3 Cathy(00); Della; Luke; Sophie; He
4 Cathy(37); Indira Papysheva; Marko Katrancek; Stella
5 Chengying Shan; Jenny Lee; Neva; Victor Osei

Group Project #3 Due:  Thursday 7:55 am, 25 April 2013   [PROJECT DESCRIPTION]   Email pdf to professor, plus 1 color and 2 B&W hardcopies.  Report is 20% of course grade.

PROJECT #3 Group Membership Assignment (TBA Tues 9 Apr.); Note: related in-class presentation on 25 April is an additional 10% of grade.

Group Student Names
1 Andreas Meider,Chengying Shan,Della,Neva
2 Andy,Leo,Marko Katrancek,Victor Osei

3 Cathy(37),Indira Papysheva,Sophie,Stella

4 Beryl,Cathy(00),Kevin,LUKE,Queenie

5 Chloe,Daniel Mao,Jenny Lee,Jessica,Renata Shaykhutdinova